Schepers Bosman

“Schepers Bosman makes fashion rather than talk about it.”

Schepers Bosman is a luxury brand, with a Dutch Design approach. – Creating something new from nothing. – Schepers Bosman uses innovative pattern techniques and fabric combinations to create a fresh spin on well known designs. The collections are made in The Netherlands, at the Schepers Bosman Factory, with a transparent point of view.

Furthermore Schepers Bosman has built a strong community of music bands which are both at the heart of inspiration and motivation for design and purpose of the brand.

As graduates from BA ArtEZ Arnhem (both with honors), they continued their studies at MA l’Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) (Schepers) Paris and MA Central Saint Martins (Bosman) London. Sanne Schepers and Anne Bosman gained their work experience in Paris, London and Amsterdam for Clergerie, Christopher Kane, Viktor & Rolf and Alexander Van Slobbe. As Schepers Bosman they collaborated with German brand Pinqponq.

In the past Schepers Bosman won the Les Etoiles Mercedes-Benz in Paris, the Lichting Gstar Talent Award in Amsterdam and two H&M Design Awards in Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Schepers Bosman Les Etoiles