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‘Make sure to keep an eye on this up-and-coming label.’

  -  Hypebeast


‘The Dutch duo Schepers Bosman. Everything they make I would wear a hundred times.’

  -  Vogue Magazine

‘ recognizable their signature is: cool items with raw, visible seams and a wide fit. Occasionally asymmetrical or embroidered, with basic materials from Europe, or made from discarded clothes.'

  -  De Volkskrant

‘The wait is not whether they will break through, but when.’

  -  ELLE Magazine

‘.. lookbook is fit for royalty. .. The entire collection is packed with regal silhouettes, but the oversized silk shirts are a standout, both in shape and design.’

  -  Highsnobiety

‘The artistic scope of the project was evident to see ... The show was an eccentric, stunning re-introduction to in-person events, celebrating the collective artistry of the Amsterdam-scene.’

  -  Glamcult Magazine

‘That may sound like a fairy tale, but in fairy tales they don't work as hard as this duo.’

  -  Numéro Magazine

‘…the clothing by Schepers Bosman, which is always made from combinations of different fabrics – complicated and casual at the same time – is mainly made of denim produced in the Netherlands.’

  -  NRC

‘Striking an even balance between streetwear and luxe, stand out pieces include the suit jackets and patchwork-heavy coats, as well as the pleated trousers.’

  -  Hypebeast

‘They are going to make it.’

  -  Het Financieele Dagblad

‘They have been nominated for a Dutch design award, they opened Amsterdam Fashion Week and their work can be seen in the prestigious exhibition Maison Amsterdam between Viktor & Rolf and Iris van Herpen.’

  -  De Limburger

‘No bullshit or difficult thought behind it, Schepers and Bosman simply make strong collections that are original, surprising and extremely well made.’

  -  JFK Magazine