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On January 27th at 18h00, during the lab show program of the Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam, Sanne Schepers and Anne Bosman presented their first collection under the new name: Schepers Bosman.

The 2017 autumn / winter presentation was inspired by the principle of ‘dazzle’: camouflage by the means of standing out, creating confusion, whereby the perspective disappears. This principle of ‘dazzle’ resulted in an extensive design research in shapes. Also, adding a graphic layer, provided even more distortion of the perspective.

The collection was based on the graduation work of both designers, from which they reused various elements and merged them into a new image.

For this collection they found each other in a joint interest in sober Dutch sailing clothing. This nautical perspective was leading for the construction and finishings of the garments.

Experiment and shape research are at the core of the work of Schepers Bosman. For this collection, existing garments were unraveled and combined into new shapes through collage techniques, creating a new fashion image.

They described their style as ‘Flat and Dutch’ and their vision as: ‘bringing innovation without losing timelessness. Our work is, in all areas, continuous research and reflection. We therefore see this presentation as part of a development. A reaction to our past, a hint of what’s to come.’

Photocredits: Team Peter Stigter