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The 2018 autumn / winter collection was showcased from Paris on the 21st of January.

We had just moved our whole design studio from the south of The Netherlands to Amsterdam around that time.

The inspiration behind the 18AW collection was a merge between pop and avant-garde. With a pop art mind set, we started working on the collection, by taking inspiration from our new surroundings. Images from the touristic side of Amsterdam, clashed with classical forms taken from the Amsterdam School and flower paintings from the golden age.

All sorts of hints to the city of Amsterdam were reworked into our own graphic layers, which gave the collection something familiar, but also something new.

The materials used for the collection were made up of cotton corduroys and light weight denims from North England, checkered techno nylon and double stretch fleece.

All prints were designed in our studio and were then applied by hand and machine. We designed with graphical colour, a variety of form with a minimalistic impact.

Photocredits: Robby Hekkers