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This 2019 autumn / winter menswear collection was released from Paris on Friday the 18th of January.

This collection evolved from our personal connection with the south of The Netherlands, while being located in Amsterdam.

We took the work of Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers (1827-1921) as the starting point for 19AW. Besides the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam central station, his work also includes numerous churches. He made architecture, more than that he designed buildings. Emphasizing or concealing building elements by the use of colour, material and template prints, was translated into a fashion collection.

  Seams and finishings have been made visible and treated as decoration. Pattern parts were emphasized by placing different materials and colours next to each other. After research at the Cuypershuis, the decoration templates archive was used as a source for handmade patchworks and vinyl prints. Minimal construction versus decoration.

The collection consisted of voluminous overcoats, silk finished trousers, oversized shirts, detailed sweaters, overalls and handstitched scarves. These items were made of silk, crepe wool, mohair, Japanese nylon, corduroy and heavy tricots.

The aw19 images were made in the Royal Waiting Room at the Central Station of Amsterdam. The space designed by Cuypers was specially opened for this occasion, so that the collection was immediately placed in the image of the inspiration.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman


We presented our first capsule couture women's collection, during the couture week in paris. The photographs were made in our apartment in Paris at that time.

The collection was inspired by the Metier d’Arts fashion shows of the classic Parisian fashion houses. We wanted to showcase the craftmanship and handcraft of our own (Schepers Bosman) studio. For these pieces we focused especially on the techniques and construction and experimented with then. We treated the garments as our canvas, to celebrate the expression of making.

This collection was a direct result of the knowledge and experience we had gained during our stay in Paris.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman