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This 2020 autumn / winter menswear collection was released from Paris on Thursday the 16th of January.

At that time we had built a strong community of music bands, which were both at the heart of the inspiration and motivation for the design and also the purpose of the brand. For this collection, we opened up our design process to a two- way conversation with our network.
This would be the start for an ongoing long-term collaboration with all the creatives around us. 

For 20AW this resulted in a collection of ‘workwear with show aesthetics’, where attitude was as important as the design of the garments. Also every garment was directly related to a musician. We re-designed workwear, suits and uniformity, with the idea of stagewear in mind, developing a new kind of functionality. 
The collection was created with a DIY mentality, using raw collage and patchworking techniques, manual and mechanical embroidery and handmade vinyl prints.  The graphics were inspired by merchandise stickers and taped graphics on the music gear of the bands we often worked and travelled with. 

Everything was designed while working directly with our machines.

The collection included jumpsuits, unlined suits, workwear jackets, re-worked band shirts, raw cut shirts, oversized patched jeans, kimono cardigans, square sweats and ties.
These items were made from northern English cotton, handwashed denim, sandwash polyamide, cotton jersey, German merino and woollen wirkloden. 

For 20AW we launched a collaboration with Hacked By_. Hacked By_ is a project between renowned Dutch fashion designers Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum. They develop contemporary collections using overstock and rest-materials of the fashion industry as resource.
We re-worked two existing Hacked By_ sweaters by using our renowned raw collage and embroidery techniques.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman