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This 2020 spring / summer menswear collection was released from Paris on Friday the 21th of June and was designed in close collaboration with the band Indian Askin. We located our design studio to the center of Paris for this season.
The collection communicated a "New Punk" movement, with strong influences from music, art and the streets of Paris and Amsterdam. We wanted to implement the energy of music in our own design process.
The collection was created with an expressive DIY mentality, visualized in manual and mechanical techniques and raw patchworks and embroidery.

The embroidery was inspired by the graphic lettering on the streets of Paris and referred to the work of the Romanian-French poet and artist Isidore Isou, whom we discovered in Centre Pompidou.
Seams and hand stitched finishings were made visible and treated as embellishments. Pattern parts were emphasized by a contrasting use of material and prints, coming from the idea of construction processed as decoration.
The collection consisted of "boxy" jackets, unlined suit jackets, embroidered jeans and trousers, blouse cardigans, oversized shirts and shawl tops.
These items were made from northern English cotton / denim, French limited stock silk, satin and jersey.

Chino Ayala, frontman of the band Indian Askin, featured as a model for the collection. According to the band, their music is a combination of ‘Nu-Punk’, rock and grunge with sixties influences and a psychedelic edge. A preview of this collection was shown during their gigs at that years Pinkpop and Best Kept Secret Festival.

The 20SS images were made in the residence of the Dutch Embassy in Paris, Hôtel d’Avaray. The combination of the classic French design, masterpieces by Dutch artists and a wealth of flowers from Dutch growers, formed a suitable backdrop for the 20SS collection.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman