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The 2021 autumn / winter collection was released online on Tuesday January 19th, in the middle of a pandemic lockdown.

Being at home most of the time, we wanted to send a message of positive energy to the outside world, focusing on the tactility and touch of materials. This was the beginning of a new chapter for our brand.

“This collection is about joy & excitement,
The desire to move, to be together and to be seen.
Fun and colorful takes on iconic wardrobe items,
playful proportions, fabrics you want to touch,
big garments to jump around in. To make the everyday exciting.”

“Our music playlist for this collection: dreampop, TikTok anthems & alternative indie.”

Colours, graphics and shapes were inspired by vintage blankets and limited printed interior fabrics we found in local warehouses, the collection showed lots of oversized rectangular shaped garments to wrap around, featuring hand drawn prints of our flowers and houseplants, finished and decorated with enlarged handmade stitches. A second layer of real intuitive doodle drawings was made from hand pressed vinyl and delicate embroidery patchwork, with a raw DIY mentality.

Items: square shaped mega sweaters, unlined lightweight suit jackets, detachable lining coats, royal size trousers, handwashed artisanal Dutch denim pieces, artwork spencers, soft tricot under shirts with standout collars, oversized multicolored cotton shirts, big blanket coats & hand finished scarfs. New to the collection was a duo of bags: a turned inside-out jacquard shopper and a large cubed shaped backpack.

Materials: rare & limited special fabrics such as: one of a kind flower jacquards, screen printed dotted wool and techno checks. Classic running stock materials such as: punto di roma tricot, bright twill fabrics, cotton fleece, basic blue denim, soft merino wool and molton feel cotton. All sourced as local as possible.

All items were designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman