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The 2021 spring / summer mens and womenswear collection was released exclusively online on Friday the 17th of July.

In general, the collection was a continuation of the two previous collections. Finding ourselves in the middle of a pandemic lockdown, we also wanted to offer a stage for others, especially our friends working in the music industry.

  The 21SS collection was about collaboration in every way possible: it was the visualization of the connection to our sb family and of the on-going synergy between us that forms the base of our work. The collection was built on the collaboration of creative individuals to set the ego of the designer apart and celebrate the outcome of multiple views. The lookbook was a series of images we made together with the people we work with capturing an on-going timeline of get-together moments.’

We built a strong community of friends, musicians, creatives and colleague designers which are both at the heart of the inspiration and motivation for the design and also the purpose of the brand. For this collection we opened up our design process to a two-way conversation with our network. All visions were merged under the name Schepers Bosman to give new perspectives on things.

The collection showed our newly designed flag graphics while referencing to colours and elements of existing flags to represent unity and solidarity and a symbol for a renewed open design process. The garments in the collection are our modern interpretation on the concept of uniformity translated in a soft and elegant way.

The collection included unlined suits based on the shape of a painters coat, boxy worker jackets and trousers, jumpsuits, block-shaped jerseys sweatpants, lightweight shirts, lining jackets and a new range of Dutch denim pieces. These items were made from northern English cotton, Italian corduroy, viscose lining, German cotton jersey and recycled Dutch denim.
All garments were made with a DIY mentality using raw expressive collage techniques and patchworking constructions, an innovative use of irregular pattern cutting, hand stitched vinyl prints and visible seams and finishings.

We worked with materials from Enschede Textielstad: a small-scale industrial weaving mill in The Netherlands, which resulted in the first range of totally Dutch denim pieces. The garments as well as the textiles, which are made from recycled fibres, were fully designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands. Together we brought textile and garment production back to The Netherlands.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman