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For this 2022 autumn winter collection, we played around with the new possibilities that emerge around digital presentation and the new interest in the world of metaverse.
While still being forced to present our work online because of covid, we decided that it was the perfect moment to experiment with this type of presentation and design, within our own (very artisanal) practice. As a result, we published our original design sketches to purchase as NFT online, being the first worldwide.

Current times made us think about doing something different, presenting in a new way. That’s why we decided to choose for expression in the online world, instead of executing a show collection.

“It’s a collection of exciting future silhouettes that only exists online,
with endless possibilities and variations.
It could be the first small step into our own metaverse.”
The 22AW show collection took shape by rapid prototyping in the digital world. Adding new research possibilities and endless experiments to our way of design. Our existing core items were sliced and patched into new innovative constructions. Rather than emphasizing menswear and womenswear, the looks were genderfluid and a playful expression of contrasting shape, colour and construction.  
The digital presentation gave a unique view of our creation process. It showed the methodology of our thinking and designing, something that normally stayed inside the atelier. The garments merged piece by piece into the total overview. It’s the work-in-progress, that characterized the appearance of our work.
The computer files contained raw edges and imperfections that occurred during the design process, to keep a handmade and tactile feel in the digital designs. As a remainder of reality in fantasy.

The digital show silhouettes were built with Schepers Bosman 22AW core items, which had already been presented internally to our buyers. The core collection consisted of soft pieces, in a joyous minimalistic style.
The core garments were made from Dutch woven denim, in a royal blue and a new shade of dark blue and black denim manufactured in Italy. In addition to the Dutch denim, only locally sourced materials were used, such as colourful check fabrics and rich corduroys from England, off-white and black cotton from The Netherlands and stock tricots from Germany.
The core styles included big overcoats with 3D pockets, blouson jackets, a fresh take on men’s shirting, drawstring fitted pants, one-piece tees and multifunctional padded lining coats.
All products were designed and fabricated in The Netherlands.
Shoes were in collaboration with Mephisto Netherlands, Peppo and Christy.

Selected original digital designs sketches were available for purchase online as NFT. 
** The digital work-in-process garments were only available in real life by ordering.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman