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We were contacted by the organization of Amsterdam Fashion Week, to participate on their show schedule for September 2021.
On Wednesday September 1st, at 11h00 in Hotel The Grand in Amsterdam, we presented an overview of our recent collections, while focusing on our creative collaboration with the music artists of Amsterdam based label Bloomer Records.
‘We have been dressing the artists from Bloomer Records on the biggest music stages for several years now, this time they will be the models for the Schepers Bosman show. Our collections evolve through the interaction between these creative individuals and the way they carry out our work. We design in an experimental way in our workplace, like in a band’s rehearsal room.’

This overview collection celebrated all kinds of personal styles, shown in a gradient of colour, shape and material. All Schepers Bosman signatures were featured, such as: Dutch Denim, colourblocks, embroidered and handdrawn prints, bias cut checks, metallic cupro’s and the experimental patchworks.

The show was musically accompanied by Sal Rubinstein on drums and Teun Putker on guitar (Queen’s Pleasure).

Bloomer Records artists in the show:
Nana Adjoa:                Nana Adjoa, Tim Schakel & Daniel van Loenen
Queen’s Pleasure:       Jelmer van Os, Jurre Otto, Teun Putker & Sal Rubinstein
Indian Askin:              Chino Ayala
Zoë Low:                    Zoë Low
Kinetic Field:              Tim Schakel
Micro Talk:                 Nana Adjoa & Tim Schakel
Future Husband:        Adura Sulaiman
Space Outer:             Darre Macrander
Go Fishing!:               Juliette van Balen & Bart van der Elst

Shoes were in collaboration with Mephisto The Netherlands, artwork shoes in collaboration with Jelmer van Os.

Photocredits: Peter Stigter



This collection was presented online with a series of flat images. For the first time, we experimented with the concept of a lookbook without a person, to emphasize garment, material and construction, without any distractions.

2022 spring / summer resulted in a series of wearable compositions, rather than a collection. It emerged from playing with functionality, using construction, material and finishings as our building blocks.

Having this mindset while designing, we related to the Late Modern architectural style ‘Structural Expressionism’, where transparency in design and construction is emphasized, communicating the underlying structure and function of a piece throughout its interior and exterior.

In the garment design, we treated all the functional components as visible design elements. By placing all pockets, linings and seams on the outside of the pieces, we turned them into outstanding decoration.
Colour, embroidery and patchworks also played an important role in the appearance of the garment, used to represent different pattern parts or to give additional information about the design.

To emphasize the design, the collection lookbook was presented in flat composition series.

We designed our own custom-made blue Dutch denim fabric, together with ‘Enschede Textielstad’, a local small-scale weaving mill. The cloth is woven from recycled yarns, which gives the fabric its unique blue colour.
The pieces crafted out of this denim were our first 100% designed and Made in The Netherlands.

Also, we partnered up with Berto Industria Tessile for black denim, as part of the Berto 4 Talents program. The company produces high-end denim fabrics in Italy and supports upcoming brands through their program.

The idea was that the garments made of these materials would be returning every season in our collection as the SB Icons. All items were designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands.
Shoes in the lookbook were in collaboration with Mephisto.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman