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Just before developing this season, our workplace had moved to a new location in the Southern Netherlands. Based in a former miner’s area full of heritage and construction works, we designed the new collection.

We researched signature miner’s suits, constructions, and materials. Alongside the suits, we were intrigued by the rich history of Limburgish flags and banners. These flags and banners of the Limburgish club life are a colorful documentation and rich regional heritage. As the embodiment of a shared identity that continued across generations.

It resulted in a series of minimalist modern workwear pieces, exploring the idea of uniformity, alongside big textile patchworks. An exploration between functionality and decorativism.

The core of the collection was crafted from custom Dutch made denim with a super soft touch, a silk like drape and woven in bright shades of blue. Manufactured from recycled fibers, which give the fabric its unique color, without adding any dye. Next to ultra-thin lightweight black and white cotton, also woven in The Netherlands.
The English twill fabrics were crisp and come in vibrant colours. Checked and striped fabrics were uniquely irregular cut in different directions. A wrinkling treatment was applied on the tricots, for a sophisticated yet nonchalant wear.

The collection featured a series of geometric shaped garments in joyous colour blocks. Designed for layering and building contemporary silhouettes. Presented with accompanying twill tape belts with small metal buckle, to adjust to preferred volumes.
Also included in the collection was a modern take on the miner’s suit, translated into an everyday -and night uniform. The pleated waistband trousers and boxy jacket were made to move in, to wear as a total suit, or split apart to combine with other pieces. The maxi bi-colour scarves, made from Dutch fabrics, were adorned with a handmade appliqué letter print. To be worn as an accessory, or to wrap around to make a whole outfit.

All garments were designed, developed and manufactured in The Netherlands.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman