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🌼 The 24SS collection shows a fine-tuned modernist wardrobe across both men’s and womenswear. Featured model is long-term collaborator and friend of the brand, Jelmer van Os, bass player of Amsterdam-based indie band Queen’s Pleasure. With several looks in the collection channeling early grunge and funkrock vibes.

Stand-out pieces include unique Dutch woven denims, made from recycled fibers, voluminous overshirts / dresses and oversized skirt-like culottes in short and long variations. Paired with signature boxy workwear jackets and handmade raveled patchwork details.

A faded colour palette of grey, sky blue and lipstick red is composed next to vibrant photo collage flower prints.

Materials in the collection consist mainly of Dutch wovens, such as soft denim, bi-color panama, crisp chambray and ultra lightweight summer cottons. Alongside Italian and English high-quality materials.

The campaign images are shot around the Schepers Bosman design studio, at the Superlocal - circular estate terrain in the Southern Netherlands. As part of a pioneering international architectural movement, it is Europe’s first example of circular building, with a focus on sustainability and the use of local re-worked components.

Shoes are in collaboration with Mephisto.

Photocredits: Schepers Bosman