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Together with bed and mattress manufacturer Auping we presented a capsule collection called ‘Consumption Quarantine’, during Dutch Design Week 2020. The capsule collection was made from leavings from the Auping factory in Deventer.

The collection consisted of three sets of 'experimental patchwork bedding': a bedspread that could also be used as a wallrug and accompanying wearable pieces for sleeping or relaxing. The sets were made from leaving materials from the Auping factory, such as duvet covers, mattress ticking and box spring fabrics. With this collaboration, we both brought together our knowledge of textiles and our love for craftsmanship and design. The collaboration showed how beautiful sustainability - Made in The Netherlands - can be.

With 'Consumption Quarantine', we showed that 'consuming' something new is not always necessary to create new value. A simple object that you already own, such as a duvet cover, can be processed in a different way and can take on a new, valuable meaning in a different context. Visible seams and stitching emphasized the construction of the designs and the feel of the creative production process. Scraps, fraying and edges made the pieces interesting and showed the hand of the maker in each piece. The colors, shapes and textures of the leaving materials from the Auping factory gave shape to the graphic design of the three bedspreads: royal, colourblock and landscape. The accompanying wearable pieces, which balanced between blanket and sleepwear, visualized the intimacy between the wearer and the piece itself - referring to the current relevance of a blanket as a wearable item.

At the heart of the collaboration were our shared design values: production in The Netherlands, locally sourced high-quality materials, the creation of contemporary, but at the same time timeless, sustainable designs. The common goal behind 'consumption quarantine' was to create openness and awareness about local production, handicrafts and sustainable Dutch Design.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman