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For this project, we were approached by dance company ICK Amsterdam, to portray their dancers wearing our garments.
We were both located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and wanted to visualize the neighborhood in this collaboration.

As a location for the portrait series, we wanted to visit the large open spaces of Nieuw-West. For us, Nieuw-West was about open spaces and nature. We thought of the polder landscape, Sloterplas, sports fields, open squares. These anonymous landscapes, without well-known buildings or other recognizable elements were unique in Amsterdam and iconic for our neighborhood.

The idea for the portraits was to compose almost abstract compositions of clothing, surroundings and person, with colour and movement as the most important elements. We used the garments as building blocks, to compose expressive silhouettes.

The dancers were placed in the photo in such a way that the area appears too small for the body. The body would, as it were, break out of the frame.
With this concept, we connected to the overall theme of ICK: ‘The body in revolution.’

These series were published in the first issue of the ICK dance magazine.

Photocredits: Team Schepers Bosman