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We were nominated by the team of the Mercedes-Benz Les Etoiles Award, to participate in this contest. The goal was to come up with a refreshing concept for Mercedes-Benz, without losing the original heritage of the brand. The outcome was set to be a series of three total looks, one of them would be totally executed in real.

‘When the leather touches the wood’ was the guiding principle for our design process for Mercedes-Benz etoiles. Sport meets graphic elegance.
Our silhouettes were inspired by racing jumpsuits and the female figures in vintage Mercedes-Benz advertising. Sharp sport elements, combined with bold ladylike shapes.
Like futurist painters, we developed our own graphic patchwork, playing with sharp lines and bold colours, to create a personal image of abstract speed and movement.
For materials and finishings, we were guided by the interior of Mercedes-Benz cars. Classic wool, smooth leather, handstitched finishings and topstitched padding. Creating our own contemporary image, without losing the classical craftsmanship of Mercedes-Benz.

The outcome was presented on the night before Paris Fashionweek, with an exhibition in Hotel ‘Le Crillon’.

We won the award, accompanied by the jury consisting of couturier Alexis Mabille and Dita von Teese amongst others.

Photocredits: Julie Trannoy
Artwork: Schepers Bosman